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You remembered the spuds for dinner, but have you remembered your Buster Block Preventer? Starch, dirt and food debris get washed down the plughole on a daily basis, you don't need a blocked sink! Get yours from Amazon and Ocado. #KeepItFlowing #SundayLunch #FamilyLife #Cleaning BusterProducts photo

Did you know, Buster Active Sanitiser Gel prevents smelly sinks and drains and is great for tackling stains on stainless steel sinks. Get yours now from Ocado and Amazon. #Clean #Buster BusterProducts photo

Food fats and sauces can cause a whole load of problems for your plugholes. Don't call the plumber, prevent blockages with Buster Block Preventer. Get yours from all leading supermarkets including Amazon and Ocado. #Buster #FamilyLife #KeepItFlowing BusterProducts photo

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