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Are your plugholes smelling fresh in this heat? Our Buster Citrus Clean & Fresh Gel is bursting with a long lasting fragrance that coats the whole pipe. #BustOutTheBuster #CitrusFresh https://t.co/8ROgevhC7D BusterProducts photo

Family baking sessions just got sweeter! Worry-not about the bits of food clogging the sink up! The Buster Kitchen Plughole Unblocker is a mighty one-shot formula which blasts fats and foods down the plughole. Available here: https://t.co/94ZBSfc0dd #FamilyBaking #SchoolHolidays https://t.co/YajNrWXbGU BusterProducts photo

Head hair, beard hair, 'down-there' hair, coarse hair, smooth hair, slippery soap... is your bathroom plughole coping? Show your bathroom some love and bust out the Buster! #BustOutTheBuster https://t.co/JtbvXRTWQL

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