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Oils and sauces are never good for a plughole and if these types of dishes are your go-to, it may pay to get a good plughole unblocker. Use Buster today. Available from all leading supermarkets, Ocado and Amazon. #KeepItFlowing #TrustBuster https://t.co/s8aRbSlKZk

Sometimes, you just don't know what the root of a blockage is. But, with Buster, we made sure to cover everything when we first created our products. Swing by the supermarket and pick some up today because plugholes need love too. #Cleaning #LifeHacks #Supermarkets #Buster https://t.co/NgvVRPcplj

Treating yourself is good for the mind, body and soul and what better way to treat yourself than a facemask? Don't forget to treat your plugholes too! #TreatYoSelf #Facemask #Cleaning #TrustBuster https://t.co/nCCJb88gfq BusterProducts photo

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